father's Day brainy quotes

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                                         Father's Day

Father's day 


Father's Day is celebrated Worldwide to recognize the Contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children Father's Day is festival to honor our fathers for everything they do for us throughout their life .This Day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting.
Father's Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries around the world, many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in june. 

       Why we celebrate Father's day 
People celebrate this festival to show their gratitude towards their father for their love and care ,Father's day is declared to celebrate fatherhood and recognize
the role of father in their life, it helps in strengthening the bond between a father and Daughter or son 

                        Father's Day Quotes            
 Brainy Quote                                                 

1.When a father gives to                                                                           

  his son,both laugh;   
  when a son gives to his
  father, both cry.

  William Shakespeare

2.My father gave me the
  greatest gift anyone
  could give anther
  person, he believed in

  Jim Valvano

3.One of the greatest titles
  in the world is parent,
  and one of the biggest
  blessing in the world is
  to have parents to call
  Mom and Dad.

  Jim Demint

5.To a father growing old
  nothing is dearer than a


6.Anyone can be a father,
  but it takes someone
  special to be a Dad, and
  that's Why I call you Dad,
  because you are so
  special to me. You taught
  me the game and you to play it

  Wade Boggs

7.My dad was my best
  friend and greatest role
  model. He was an
  amazing Dad, coach,
  mentor, soldier, husband
  and friend.

  Tiger Woods

8.Being a father has been ,
  without a doubt, my
  greatest source of
  achievement, pride and
  inspiration. Fatherhood
  has taught me about unconditional love,
  reinforced the
  importance of giving
  back and taught me how
  to be a better person.

 9.My father used to say
  that it's never too late to
  do anything you wanted
  to do. And he said ,'You
  never know what you
  can accomplish until you

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